The Hepion Wave

Changes the brain wave frequency

The treatment by Hepion Wave is based on brainwave-entertainment technique which uses the brain’s ability to synchronize with external sound- and light waves. By changing the brain wave frequencies, the state of consciousness can be changed.
The brain works in frequencies from 4 Hz to up to 30 Hz. By daily activity the frequency is around 12-20 Hz. The Hepion Wave will aim either at increasing or reducing this frequency during a session, which could last from twenty minutes up to four hours. Light and color will be supplied by isochronal sounds, so the frequency either hikes up or down by your own choice from about 20 Hz to 4 Hz or vice versa. Around 4 to 7 Hz is the most relaxing frequency level and normally the session would end at this level.
The goal of the treatment – depending of the increase or decrease in Hz – are:

reduce stress
achieve deep relaxation
promote concentration
improve memory
boost energy levels

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