The Hepion Pendulum

Effective against shock, trauma and mental crises

Treatment with Hepion Pendulum are based on the classic swinging pendulum known from hypnotic and meditation. The pendulum’s continuous and rhythmic oscillations brings people into a deep, relaxing and healing mental condition.
The Hepion Pendulum will further develop the pendulum´s rhythmic moves by showing its frequencies at the display, directly reflecting and relating to the brain waves (4 – 20 Hz). The brain will then synchronize with the oscillating frequencies, resulting in regulation of blood pressure and an improvement of mental condition.
Hepion Pendulumtreatment is inspired by approved EMDR-treatment techniques, which extensively are used to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome. EMDR-treatment uses bilateral – double sided – stimulation of the brain, either by rhythmic movement of the eyes from one side to the other, by alternately listening to a sound once from the right then from the left ear, or by alternately lightly touch of the hands.

The Hepion Pendulumtreats:

states of shock
mental crises

The aim of treatment will be:

increased well-being
inner balance