The company

Efficiency in the health care sector – better quality of life for patients

Hepion was established in 2011. The idea was to develop an innovative therapy-device to be used within the health care sector.
A device not only able to increase quality of life, or being an alternative to traditional medical treatment, but a more efficient treatment of a wide range of diseases and thereby able to reduce resources and cost in the healthcare sector.

Two devices are under development , aiming at two different target groups: An advanced device targeted to the professionals within the health care system and a more light version addressed to private consumers to be used for home treatments or at semi-professionals.

The development of Hepion takes place in close cooperation with doctors, psychologists and specialists within sound, lighting and industrial design. The device for the professional market is being tested on patients with impressive results. Hepion is therefore presently being presented at recognized conferences in Europe.