Sound and the brain

Our brain synchronizes with the sound frequency

The human brain is electrically active throughout life. The activity level of the brain is measured and recorded as brain waves. Generally, it can be said , that brain waves oscillate fast in an active brain, and slowly, when the brain is passive (e.g. during sleep).
When we are awake and active, our brain produces so-called Beta waves. When we are very relaxed, for example when we take a rest with closed eyes, the brain produces Alpha waves. By meditation and just before falling asleep the brain produces theta waves and finally Delta waves, when we are in a deeply sleep.


•    Beta (12 -30 Hz): awake state of consciousness with many chores
•    Alpha (8 – 12 Hz): relaxed state of consciousness – resting with closed eyes
•    Theta (4 – 7 Hz): very relaxed condition caused by meditation and at the early stages of sleep
•    Delta (3 og under Hz): deep and dreamless sleep

When we get stimulated by certain sounds, our brain synchronizes its frequency with the transmitted sound frequencies. That means, we can change the frequency in our brain by using sound. The brain can accordingly – with the right impact – be manipulated to produce alpha waves instead of beta waves and thus bring the person both mentally and physically in a deep relaxed and healing state of consciousness.