How the brain works

The brain is affected by light and sound

In recent times, scientists, doctors and psychologists have detected in numerous clinical and controlled studies worldwide, what people over centuries and across cultures have been aware of: The healing effect by the use of light and sound.
All the research shows, that light and sound:

•    reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol
•    increase the production of the hormone of happiness, oxytocin
•    reduce pain and discomfort
•    reduce fear
•    reduce the need for pain medication
•    increase ability to concentrate
•    relieve depression

Source: Frequency-Based Light &/or Sound Neurotherapy (LSN) Research: A Review of the Research, Ed Pigott, Ph.D., Gregory Alter, Ph.D., and Dennis Marikis, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologists & Principals, NeuroAdvantage, LLC.

The explanation of that phenomenon lies in the human brain. The brain is electrically active throughout life, and its activity level is measured by brain waves. Science shows that the activity level of the brain changes, when we are affected by external stimuli such as light, sound and color.

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