Hepion for professional therapists

Improving patients’ quality of life with a unique combination of light and sound therapy

Hepion Professional is an advanced device for professionals within the private as well as public health care sector.
By the innovative combination of light, sound and color stimulation, Hepion Professional offers a very unique kind of treatment. There are no comparable products on the market, which are based on the same unique effective combination.
Hepion is developed in close cooperation with doctors and psychologists. It is tested on Danish patients wit impressive results and it offers a wide range of functions, which can focus on treatment of patients with different physical and mental challenges. It is our vision, that Hepion could be more efficient in treating pain, insomnia, stress, learning-and concentration disorders as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Hepion Professional can be used by doctors, psychologists and dentists in hospitals, clinics, or health- and treatment centers.

Hepion’s benefits for professional therapists:

•    efficient treatment of a wide variety of diseases or disorders
•    a reduction of time and resource consumption within the treatment process
•    an effective alternative to or support of traditional medical treatment
•    a reduction of medication