Colours and the brain

Colors are a phenomenon arising in the brain

Colors are a side product of the light spectre. Light is reflected or absorbed where it hits, and the remaining or reflected waves are received by the human eye to be interpreted in the human brain.
Objects, in other words, don’t have colors. Colors are a phenomenon arising in the brain during the process of interpreting the light, an object transmits or throws back (reflects) from another light source. An apple is not red: When the light of all colors of the sun hits the apple, the red light reflects, because the apple consists of molecules absorbing all light waves except the red ones, which are thrown back to be caught by the eye. A green apple reflects accordingly only the green light.

The energy of colors

Many ancient cultures, including Egypt and China, have been practicing color-therapy through centuries and have used colors to relieve and heal different mental and physical diseases. Today we know, that it is the electromagnetic energy of the colors – the frequency each single color vibrates with – which affects the mind. The brain’s oscillations synchronize with other words with the colors’ oscillations and create a new balance in the body’s energy fields.

Pink – mellows anxiety, stress and aggression
Blue – promotes concentration, relaxes the muscles
Green – soothes, strengthens self-control
Yellow – stimulates pleasure
Turquoise – relaxing
Brown – stabilizing, promotes the peace of mind
Orange – encouraging and activating
Red – activating

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