What is Hepion?

Light and sound therapy: Effective treatment of physical and mental diseases.

Hepion is professional therapy equipment under development: an advanced therapy device, which in an innovative way can combine the healing and painkilling effects by the use of light, sound and colors.

The device offers a series of therapeutic functions for a variety of both mental and physical diseases based on unique composition of light, sound and colors providing a relieving and healing effect in relation to pain, insomnia, stress, learning dysfunctions and concentration disorders.

It is a scientific fact, that the human brain is positively affected by well-administered doses of light, sound and colors. The idea of Hepion has its source in decades of research within this area. The device is developed together with leading doctors and psychologists. Currently, the device is tested on patients during treatment sessions.

Two versions are presently developed – Hepion Clinic and Hepion Mobile – The two versions are developed for professional treatment as well as semi-professional therapists. Hepion Clinic is able to transfer presets to Mobile, that later can be used for home treatments.
Hepion Clinic is currently in production.